Tech Talk – You Tell Us: Why Do You Use Android Or iOS?


Hey there readers! We wanted to take a stab at a new series that will hopefully open up our readership to engaging in constructive and healthy conversation about tech. We’re calling it Tech Talk – You Tell Us. We’ll pick a subject from time to time and invite you all to comment below explaining whatever the question at hand might be. For our opening Tech Talk – You Tell Us we’re going head-on and tackling a sensitive issue for many. Why do you use Android or iOS?

If you’re familiar with Android you’ll know we’re on its 7th year since its release and that Google purchased the original company that was creating Android and improved on that work. iOS was created by Apple near the same time and was released a year earlier than Android. Both operating systems have come a long way and they are both fundamentally the same as they are different. While they both accomplish the same tasks a user needs a smartphone to accomplish, they go about it with a different creed.

Android is mostly about open-source (some may dispute that) and allowing users to make their devices their own. Apple on the other hand prefers controlling the user experience and giving the user what they think the user needs. Two different tools that accomplish essentially the same goals in two different ways. The question at hand is. Why do you use Android or iOS?

Now, for this to be a successful engaging conversation we have to be sure that everyone is on their best behavior. Please don’t attack each other over your preferences but certainly politely question why someone has come to their conclusion. We’d love to make this a regular series but we won’t continue it if we find bickering, fighting, name calling and overall trollish and jerk behavior going on in the comments.

So please remember, this is a conversation, not an argument. We will delete any out of line comments and responses that do not add to the spirit of good conversation.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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