First Smartphone With 6 GB RAM Announced For China


The new phones already announced for 2016 are nothing short of impressive when it comes to specs. 4GB of RAM in a device that fits in your pocket is just mind boggling to what you consider we were using a just a few years ago. The fact that you can buy a phone with as much or more memory than a fully functional PC is almost hard to believe. But that was yesterday. Today all that was made insignificant with Vivo’s announcement of the XPlay 5, a phone that has 6 freaking Gigabytes of RAM! 6! Did we even have anything with 5 yet?

Courtesy of Vivo
Courtesy of Vivo

But why just have a lot of RAM if you’re not going to do anything with it? So to complement all that memory, Vivo is including the newest Snapdragon 820, a dual-curve 6″ quad HD display, and a ginormous 4300 mAh battery to make sure all that power lasts you for at least an entire day. So now just a day after drooling over the remarkable HP Elite x3 I feel almost silly.

What’s even more insane, is that Vivo might not be the only company making one of these monsters. Rumors are that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 may also be incoming with a half dozen Gigs of RAM as well. What a time to be a smartphone enthusiast.

Of course the issue that will see some debate is whether or not you and your smartphone need that much memory and whether or not a mobile OS and it’s apps can even utilize it in a meaningful way. If you’re living outside of China however, you can hold off disputing that for now, since the phone will never leave the country (officially).

March 1st will see the official announcement of the Vivo XPlay 5 and more details including the exact pricing and availability will be revealed.

So let’s just ask the questions. 6GB of RAM; do we need that much in a smartphone already? Tell us what you think in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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