Chris Taylor Creatio Ex Nihilo Review: Free Your Mind

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Listening to new music is a hard proposition for many of us since we tend to shoehorn ourselves into a comfort zone and stubbornly refuse to dislodge ourselves from it. While Chris Taylor isn’t on the stardom level of Tom Petty or Taylor Swift that doesn’t make his work any less relevant. His latest album Creatio Ex Nihilo is a brilliant exercise in psychedelic mind freedom, without the drugs of course. Music itself is a drug and when produced, mixed and performed properly can have a deep impact on the listener, depending on who they are of course. This album is indeed one of those works that took me on a journey outside of this world and into another.

This album is meant to be listened to with headphones or while driving in your car with no interruptions. Psychedelic Meditation. Poetic Soundscapes. Guitar Vibes and Chaos with Beautiful Melodies underneath.

It was my vision to use this down time in my life to create a record full of instrumentals and soundtrack pieces for movies that have not been made yet. I was to create these tapestries of music for others to play over. I was to be the Mad Conductor, singing and humming the melodies for Mitchell’s guitar or Onel’s saxophone to play. But I also let them run freestyle over parts of songs and that made them even more three dimensional.

Before there was any music for this project, there was silence.
In the midst of silence, there was creation.
Creation was born from nothing… or was there always something within the silence?

What really shines on this album is the great guitar work and the way Chris handles the instrument, treating it like a vessel to transport the listener to the outer reaches. I really dig this type of music. It harkens back to the early David Gilmour days of Pink Floyd. Is every song on this album a hit? No. But I certainly enjoyed every song enough to listen to the entire album. Getting lost in the music is part of the adventure of music and Chris Taylor certainly takes you on an adventure.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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