The Walking Dead Filming Two Takes For Negan

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Only a few more weeks until Rick and crew are set upon by the biggest bad guy they’ve ever seen. If you’re familiar with The Walking Dead comics, you’ll know that Negan is quite unlike anything they’ve encountered before. Negan is also a complete and utter potty-mouth. This is a family site so we won’t be saying any of the things you’d expect Negan to say in the comics, but suffice to say that f**k, m**********r, c********r, c**t, and that sort of language isn’t exactly allowed on basic cable television.

It seems that the writers, producers, and showrunners have thought about that issue, and might just have a plan in place: Shoot two takes, put one on TV and the other on the blu-ray release. Even if AMC lets them get away with an occasional s**t, and even if precedent has been set by other shows and networks flipping in the occasional f-bomb, or even a “m**********r” on FX’s The People vs. OJ Simpson, a stray curse word here or there pales in comparison to the colorful language of the leader of the Saviors.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with a few of the guys at the top of the TWD food chain: Series creator (and show Executive Producer) Robert Kirkman, Showrunner Scott M. Gimple, and Director/special effects makeup artist Greg Nicotero. The overall gist of what they’re trying to do is summed up nicely by Mr. Kirkman:

I would say that there are certain words that try as I might, we are not allowed to say on AMC, and those are certain words that Negan likes to say. So those words are going to be filmed, and people are going to be able to get those words, but there are definitely some broadcast limitations that we’re going to have to deal with. We’re sorting that out now, but I will say that, worst-case scenario, the extras will be extra-special on Blu-ray. I mean, we’re trying to explore some other more interesting options, but that’s the bare minimum of what we’ll be doing.

The Walking Dead has experimented with this tactic in the past. You may remember at the end of Season 4, when Rick turns to the rest of his group and proclaims that the people of Terminus were “screwing with the wrong people.” If you check out the blu-ray, they’ve livened that quote up a bit, and replaced “screwing” with the (in my opinion) more realistic “f**king.” Negan brings even more issues to the table, as his language in the comic can best be described as salty.

We’ve already talked about the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, and honestly the more I’ve had time to think about it the more excited I am about the casting. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just as excited… (some nsfw language in the video below)

Are you excited to see what Jeffrey Dean Morgan brings to the table as Negan? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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