UAG MacBook Case Review: Urban Armor Tough Protection


The 12″ Apple MacBook isn’t a cheap ultra-portable computer by any means, matter of fact I even said it was overpriced in my recent review of the device. One of the MacBook’s main selling points though is its portability and small form factor. I love throwing this in a bag and heading to the coffee shop or for show like CES — it’s super light and works well for what I need it for. But with that small and light form factor comes the dangers of dropping and damaging it, so UAG has come to my rescue. This is my UAG MacBook case review!



UAG has a unique utilitarian/military type styling that may not appeal to everyone but it’s won a place in my heart as I use a UAG case on my iPhone exclusively. The MacBook case is no exception in the design department, it is rugged and beefy looking, but maintains a nice slim profile. Coverage is pretty much 100% of the device with nice rubberized corner protection that will protect the MacBook from those nasty corner drops. The Frogskin grip is a nice touch allowing you to carry the MacBook easily when closed with some extra grip. Overall the design is very well done, it’s not for everyone but to me it’s one of the nicer designs on the market.


Install is a breeze, simply slide the front of the open MacBook (trackpad first) into the case snap into place then pull the back end up and slide it down on to the screen and snap in place. Full instructions on install are included but it’s really a simple process and not hard at all.



When I first saw this case at CES 2016 the UAG representative literally threw his MacBook 3 feet across the room from around 4 feet in height and the MacBook came out unscathed. This thing isn’t just a frosted plastic cover that offers nominal protection, it’s built to last and built to take care of that MacBook. The impact resistant material has been military drop-tested and this is probably the best protection you’ll get for your MacBook in terms of dropping it multiple times. Overall this is a super protective case.


Priced in at $79.95 the UAG MacBook case comes in at a premium price, but it also is one of the best protective cases I have seen and the design is amazing. Investing $79.95 to protect your $1500+ investment is a no brainer in my mind and I think there’s huge value here.


Wrap Up

UAG makes great utilitarian designed gear that protects like a tank but is slim and out of the way, and the UAG MacBook case is a great case for your MacBook.

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*UAG provided the MacBook case for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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