Are There Any Humans Working At Google Support?


There comes a time when a customer just wants to talk to a live human person and not dance with an endless automated robo voice. Most large companies have utilized an automated system to collect information from a customer in order to route a support call more quickly. It’s annoying but most of the time it works to get you moved into the proper place you need to be, thereby saving a lot of time and effort for the company. But what happens when the end of the line never ends up having a human connection? One Google user has become increasingly frustrated with Google Support giving him the robo-runaround. Read his story below.

I’m trying to help a friend of mine recover access to her Gmail account; the recovery information page keeps saying that the information we are providing is invalid (because seriously, who actually knows how long they’ve have their Gmail account, etc). The person in question has moved across the country and cannot log in from a location with a previously known IP address and quite frankly we’re both getting very aggravated at the insane complexity of recovering an account (I used to work support for multiple US based ISPs and never came across anything so obnoxious).

I’ve called 3 different numbers that I have found via the Google search engine; the first 2 people answered and hung-up instantly without saying anything and the last one just sits on a silent call not going anywhere.

Worse account recovery experience ever (and I used to do it for a living)!!!

This isn’t the first instance of difficulty in connecting with Google Support that I’ve heard, even developers who try and connect with Play Store support have had their issues actually connecting with a human person. So the question at hand is. Are there any humans working at Google Support? If so, how does this Google user contact those humans in order to resolve his friend’s Gmail account issue?

If anyone out there knows if Google has human customer service representatives and how to contact them, please feel free to comment below. Maybe our robot overlords have arrived and they’re named Google?

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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