Take Your Gaming To A New Level With The SCUF Infinity1 Xbox One Controller

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There’s no question that hardcore gamers like to customize their controllers, and there are a few options available over and above the standard Xbox One controller. The SCUF Infinity1 Xbox One controller is perhaps one of the most customizable controllers we’ve seen to date. With the ability to add and remove features during the order process, the SCUF Infinity1 controller is customized exactly for your play style.

Designed for the Xbox One and the PC, the SCUF Infinity1 controller utilizes a Ring and Lock system that allows you to replace thumbsticks quickly and easily, with various lengths, colours, and concave or domed options. Each controller comes with 4 SCUF paddles and the controller can be used with none, all 4, or any number in between. In addition, the triggers are externally adjustable to modify your trigger tension, and an optional SCUF control disc improves accuracy of the D-Pad controls, both allowing you to optimize the controller to suit your gaming preferences.

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder of Scuf Gaming, says, “Since 2010 we have innovated to provide hard core gamers with a better controller experience through the addition of several key functions and features. From our earliest days of inventing paddles and adjustable hair trigger/stop mechanisms, to our more recent EMR technology and new paddle control system; every part of a SCUF is about improving performance and increasing hand use and comfort. Our ethos is underpinned by our commitment to reinvesting a substantial chunk of our revenue into research and development to ensure we lead the way and provide a more intuitive and comfortable experience for our community to enjoy video games. Our most recent major project, which started in early 2014, was Project Infinity1. During the research and design phase, we focused on the key areas of a controller which undergo the most wear and tear, and our goal was to make the controller fully modular to empower the gamer to replace features like thumbsticks, paddles, dpad and grips; and all on the fly. With so many color options, design features and new functionality; we’re confident our customers are going to love the new SCUF Infinity1.”

Features of the SCUF Infinity1 include:

NEW SCUF Infinity1 Paddle Control System
• Fully modular and interchangeable with no screws
• New heights and shapes
• The gamer can choose to play with 0,1, 2, 3 or 4 SCUF paddles and change them on the fly

NEW AXE Infinity1 Paddles
• Paddles have a larger surface area for more activation points
• Great for all hand sizes, especially good for smaller hands
• Compatible with Astro® and Turtle Beach® headset adaptors

NEW Interchangeable Thumbstick Control Area
• Change thumbsticks in seconds without removing any screws
• SCUF Thumbsticks come in 3 different lengths (regular, medium and long) domed and concave styles in 5 color options including Black, White, Green, Red and Blue

NEW SCUF Infinity1 Rings
• Rings come in 8 color options including Black, White, Gray, Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Pink
• Fully removable
• High grade self-lubricating materials provide a pro-grade finish to rings

NEW SCUF Infinity1 Pro Edition Switches
• Layered gold on circuits and new switches for increased actuation life
• Improved haptic feedback

SCUF Pro Grip Handles with Adjustable Hair Trigger + Trigger Stop Mechanism
• Interchangeable for full or reduced trigger movement
• High-grade contoured grip in multiple colors
• SCUF Key externally adjusts triggers to suit your gameplay

SCUF EMR Technology
• Remap on the fly with SCUF Electro Magnetic Remapping. Any paddle = Any face button

• SCUF Infinity1 enables YOU to express yourself on the fly, anytime – no limits

SCUF Infinity1 Accessories
• SCUF offers Infinity1 and Xbox One compatible accessories including Thumbstick Replacement kits in 3 different lengths (regular, medium and long) domed and concave styles in 5 color options, Infinity1 Ring & Lock kits in 8 colors, AXE Paddle Replacement kits, SCUF Pro Grip Handles with Adjustable Hair Trigger Grips + Trigger Stop Mechanism to externally tune triggers, SCUF Protection Cases, Charging Cables and GamerGrip Total Grip Solution.


The controllers aren’t cheap though, and start at $119.95USD for the base version, but can easily run you upwards of $270 if you include all the extra options. Check out the product video below, then head on over to the SCUF website to order your custom controller.

Do you use the SCUF Infinity1 Xbox One controller? If you do, let us know what you think in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on August 28, 2019.


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