PlusUs Accessories Review: Ultra Portable And Handy


Smartphone accessories are a must have for anyone who’s carrying around their smartphone for any portion of the day. PlusUs makes premium accessories for both Apple and Android phones and today we’re taking a quick look at their lifelink, lifecard and lifestar accessories for iPhone. Please keep in mind they make these products for Android or any microUSB phone as well so check out their website for pricing and details on those versions. Pricing will be a bit lower for the microUSB versions as they do not have to be MFI certified.

PlusUs lifecard



The aluminum chassis of the lifecard is sleek, clean, minimal and nice to hold in the hand. The card is just about the same size as a credit card (literally) and if you’re a wallet user, it will fit snuggly in your wallet with ease. This thing is designed to be ultra portable, taking up nearly no space in a wallet or purse. The materials are high quality and the design is super attractive.

Ease of Use

Very simple plug and play use. I read one review that said their lifecard did not start charging their phone upon plugging it into the phone. I had no such issues, simply plug it into the lightning port and the phone starts to charge. To recharge the unit, use the included microUSB to USB-A cable to plug into a USB hub or charging brick.

Battery Life

The lifecard isn’t designed to give you a full charge on your phone, it will only charge an iPhone 6s about 65% and the 6s Plus not even to 50%. So don’t expect to get a full phone charge out of this card. This is meant more for keeping in your purse or wallet as an emergency should your charger or main power bank not be around. Battery life is just as slim as the battery itself.

Price & Value

Pricing is where you’ll have to decided it’s value to you. Ringing in at $59.95 this is a premium price for a really nicely designed and well built ultra portable battery bank but is it worth it to you?

Wrap Up

The lifecard is really designed to be an emergency backup in a pinch. Tuck it away in your wallet or purse and save it for a real emergency. This isn’t a full on day to day battery bank, it will not charge your phone completely.

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PlusUs lifelink



Unique, well built with quality materials and surprisingly sturdy for how slim it is. Designed to tuck into a wallet or purse this thing is so small you might be careful it doesn’t just disappear on you.

Ease of Use

If you can plug your phone in using the Apple lightning cable, you can use the lifelink.


Works perfectly well and does exactly what you need it to do. Use this in a pinch if you forget your charging cable, charge and sync your phone.

Price & Value

PlusUs puts a premium price on their products and the lifelink is no exception. You can pick one of these up for $29.95 and whether or not that’s a good value to you is something you’ll have to decide.

Wrap Up

A great little cable to have in a pinch but the price might scare some away.

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PlusUs lifestar



Leather wrapped, this is easily one of the most sturdy cables I’ve used and just generally pretty to look at. PlusUs did an excellent job designing this cable with it’s leather jacket and premium connectors.

Ease of Use

Plug and play, easy as pie.


Does what a lightning cable is supposed to do, charge and sync, zero issues.

Price & Value

You might have to sit down for pricing. Leather wrapped lightning cables aren’t going to come cheap and the lifestar is going to cost you $30.95 for a 10″ cable. That price is certainly one of the highest for any cable we’ve seen.

Wrap Up

These cables are beautiful, your call if you want to spend that much on a cable.

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*We were sent review samples of PlusUs accessories for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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