User List Of iOS 9.3 Complaints Growing


iOS 9.3 was released for public consumption just days ago and as with any version of iOS, bugs are bound to be a part of the software. Companies like Apple and Google work their hardest to squash any bugs from their software before release but bugs still happen. While bugs are a part of software life, it seems some users are experiencing a higher number of bugs with iOS 9.3 than they’re comfortable with. Reddit user, somethingratherother, has started a post listing the issues they and others are having with the latest version of Apple’s mobile software. Here’s a quick rundown of the posted issues.

  • Clicking links within any app freezes the app, first found while using Safari video is below.
  • I have had an issue pretty consistently where I will be texting a friend with read receipts turned on, my message then shows its read but when I come back to the conversation “read at ___” is changed to “delivered”. But on my Mac, the message still shows as having been read.
  • I recently upgraded to iOS 9.3 on my iPhone 6 and just started having issues this morning. Most notably, the majority of my apps run excruciatingly slow or freeze up. In Messages, I’m unable to send photos via SMS or via iMessage. When I attempt to, there’s a little pinwheel that loads once I select a photo, then it pops back to the Message screen without actually loading a photo.
  • Safari Broken on iOS 9.3. No solution found yet. Resetting settings, cache or history does nothing. Disabling content blockers does nothing. Disabling javascript does nothing.
  • OK, so I installed the latest software update (9.3) yesterday and ever since, my wifi has been intermittent at best, and for the most part, doesn’t work at all even though it says I have a connection/signal. Anyone else experiencing this? I researched some online and tried resetting the network settings, and did a hard reboot and no dice. I have tried both a 2.4ghz and 5g connection, reset my modem and router, and still doesn’t work. Next step is going to revert back to 9.2.1. I have 300 down and 30 up, but pull about 170mbps down and 22 up with pretty new modem and router. No problems with my iMac, macbook or all 3 of my PC’s and laptop. Nor my PS4, XB1, or Sonos system. Just the iPhone since the update.
  • I keep getting logged out of Facebook, Instagram, alien blue… I turned my battery percentage on yesterday and today it’s off. I think my iPhone is forgetting its settings… Anybody else reporting?
  • iOS – Safari/Mail freezes after clicking links on iPhone 6S
  • URLs not working in Safari or Mail after iOS update
  • Safari on iOS won’t open links
  • iOS  links in safari not clickable anymore

Safari and clicking links seems to be the prevalent issue at hand and I’ll have to agree with that assessment. I have had some instances of the Safari app freezing after clicking on a link. One other time my entire iPhone froze after clicking a link in Safari and it took around fifteen seconds for the phone to become responsive again. Other than the issues with Safari and clicking links, I haven’t had any of the other issues listed since being on iOS 9.3.

How about you? Have you had issues with iOS 9.3? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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