Canonical Partners With Microsoft For Ubuntu On Windows 10?


Canonical is partnering with Microsoft to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10, at least that is the rumor reported by ZDNet’s Canonical sources. Back in October we were sent a tip that suggested that Microsoft was going to buy Canonical and therefore Ubuntu but we were unable to confirm the validity of those claims. However, Canonical has been working closely with Microsoft and today’s rumor of Ubuntu on Windows 10 is an indication of that (though it could all just be more rumor).

With this new addition, Ubuntu users will be able to run Ubuntu simultaneously with Windows. This will not be in a virtual machine, but as an integrated part of Windows 10.

The details won’t be revealed until tomorrow’s morning keynote speech at Microsoft Build. It is believed that Ubuntu will run on top of Windows 10’s recently and quietly introduced Linux subsystems in a new Windows 10 Redstone build.

Microsoft and Canonical will not, however, sources say, be integrating Linux per se into Windows. Instead, Ubuntu will primarily run on a foundation of native Windows libraries. This would indicate that while Microsoft is still hard at work on bringing containers to Windows 10 in project Barcelona, this isn’t the path Ubuntu has taken to Windows.

ZDNet seems pretty confident in its sources on this rumor and perhaps that resurrects the rumor that we were tipped on concerning Microsoft purchasing Canonical. Cooperation between software companies is nothing new, it happens all the time, but sometimes those companies need to work together before one makes the move to purchase the other. Canonical CEO Jane Silber adamantly denied that they were in any kind of purchasing discussions with Microsoft back in October and maybe that still holds true. In the meantime it looks like Ubuntu could be coming to Windows 10.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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