Here’s What The Internet Looked Like Twenty Years Ago


Taking time to reflect back on the past is important in a lot of ways, it helps us grow and we learn from our mistakes. So today we’re looking back at what the Internet looked like in 1996 and to do that we’ve found an Internet tutorial video on YouTube. This video was originally on VHS tape and was transferred and uploaded by YouTube user “olduncleguy” back in 2011 and we’re dredging it up here in 2016. While the Internet has been around longer than twenty years, this video is pretty great to watch and see just how far we’ve come in twenty years. It’s a bit long so you may or may not get through it all, the track jumping from the VHS tape is certainly annoying and the acting… LOL.

Pretty crazy stuff right? Now I personally didn’t start using the Internet until around 2000, we couldn’t afford a computer back in 1996. As computers became more affordable more people, like myself, were able to get on the web. I do remember the old Geocities sites, Google’s homepage and of course Yahoo’s homepage. The old standby and king of the Internet, AOL, was also prevalent and I remember all the get online CD’s at the grocery store with free (limited) AOL access.

What do you remember most about how the Internet looked back in 1996? Were you online in 1996? If not, how long did it take before you were able to access the Internet? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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