Google Play Icons Getting Updated For Google Play Family Of Apps


It’s been awhile since the Google Play line of apps received an icon update. They’ve pretty much had the same icon since they got the Material Design makeover back in 2014. Google is now pushing updates to the icons of all the Google Play branded apps.

The core Google Play icon has been updated, with the gradients now replaced by flat colors. This redesign has been incorporated into the new icons of all the other apps. The apps receiving this update are Google Play Store, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Google Play Games, Google Play Books and Google Play Newsstand. Google says on the official Android blog that the aim of this move is to provide a consistent design across all the Play apps.

Since launching Google Play four years ago, we’ve always had dedicated apps in addition to the Google Play store. Today, all our icons are getting an update to provide a consistent look across the entire family of Play apps.

The new designs certainly scream a common connection. Whether you like it or not will depend highly on how you feel about bright colors. People who like Google’s Material Design should enjoy this latest redesign, as these new icons are in the same vein. If, however, you’re not a fan of Material Design, you probably won’t care much for the new icons. It is important to note the efforts Google is making to get the branding of these services right, highlighting the common umbrella they are under.

You’ll start to see the new Google Play icons across devices and online in the coming weeks. We hope you’ll continue enjoying the Play family of products—now with a new look.

While Google has unveiled this redesign, they’re yet to actually push them out to users. The update will come in the following weeks, according to Google’s blog.

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