New Apple Laptops Expected At Possible June Event?


Apple laptops have been pretty popular over the years, and some expected a lineup refresh when the iPhone SE was announced but walked away disappointed. New rumors are surfacing that come June we may see those new Apple laptops announced. Apple has been taking its lumps and bruises lately with some in the media criticizing the company of no longer being innovative but simply peddling overpriced hardware. There is truth in the critiques as we reviewed the 2015 MacBook and found a very nice machine with a price tag that was unjustified. Currently the only major difference between (similar) Mac and PC hardware is the operating system.

There’s always hope that Apple will step out of their comfort zone and offer up something new and innovative again and get off the safe and steady line. The rumors stirring about this refresh line of Apple laptops include Intel Skylake CPUs, USB Type-C connectors, Siri integration, and possibly TouchID. Screen sizes sound like they’ll remain at 13″-15″ and there’s talk about the MacBook Air remaining in the lineup. With the introduction of the MacBook some thought the Air would meet it’s demise but many would love to see an Air with a Retina display.

While we always like to see beefier specs and “world-class” displays, we’d also like to see Apple give us a significant redesign. Apple laptops have always been one of the best designed and best looking machines on the market but they are starting to become dated. We’d also love to see Apple be a little more competitive in pricing as well. There are many PC laptops out there that can compete with Apple laptops in specs and with Windows 10 they’ve become even better. It will be interesting to see if this rumor holds true and we do see some a refreshed lineup of Apple laptops in June. Let’s hope Apple stops playing softball though and gives us something fresh and new without charging an arm and a leg.

What do you think Apple needs to do with their laptop lineup? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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