First Artwork Leaks From God Of War 4… Is Kratos Going After Thor?


One of the hottest video game franchises, God of War, has not really been heard from since the rather tepid “Ascension” released back in 2013. It looks like that silence may be coming to an end as concept artwork may have leaked, revealing at least the setting and period of the upcoming sequel. And if these are genuine, there is a lot to be excited about, as Kratos, his descendant, or a protagonist of similar… temperament*, leaves a decimated pile of Greek gods behind and moves on to the deities of Norse mythology.


Of course concept artwork is an early step in the production of a game but if these images are real (according to a source that Polygon considers reliable, they are) there are plenty of reasons to start up the hype train. There was of course, little doubt of more episodes in the series, but it is still good to see actual work reinforcing that conclusion. Secondly, the change of setting shows a commitment to keeping the story fresh and expansive. Few, if any of us would have complained about Kratos taking another stab at the Greek gods but seeing the mythos grow beyond that opens a wondrous amount of possibilities and directions for the character. And thirdly, the actual choice of Norse mythology is spine tingling. The enormous amount of story, locations, folklore and wealth of characters sets up the potential for an extraordinary game.


There is no word at all regarding specific plot  but the artwork does mention that Kratos  will at least visit Alfheim and Vanaheimr. There is also little doubt Valhalla will at some point be a destination, along with Asgard and Fólkvangr. We also can only guess at who will be friend or foe as Kratos will have a chance to cross paths with Thor, Odin, Freyja, and will hopefully face off against valkyries, elves, dwarves and of course the ferocious Fenrir. Considering the damage Kratos has caused in the past, being a catalyst for Ragnarok is hardly a stretch either.


Are you excited at the possibility of a Mjölnir-wielding Kratos facing off the denizens of Asgard?

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*Kratos is mentioned by name in the artwork but that could easily be a placeholder, used for reference, or there as misdirection in case the artwork did leak.


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