Smart Mattress Tracks Your Partner’s… Infidelities


Cheating is an unfortunate aspect in some relationships. For whatever reason one partner decides to be unfaithful, and sometimes even thoughts of infidelity can break up otherwise solid relationships. A Spanish company has decided to create a smart mattress, or “Smarttress” to give peace of mind — or even more reason to be suspicious — to anyone who feels they may be getting cheated on.

This “Smarttress” uses a series of sensors to detect suspicious movement on the otherwise normal looking mattress. If those suspicious movements are detected, a notification is sent to the worried party’s phone. The Smattress came to be after the company saw research on the high rates of infidelity in Spain. For some reason, Spain stands as one of the most frisky nations in the world, with a reported “affair rate” of 2.4 per year for men and 1.3 per year for women. A spokesman for the company said:

Seeing the latest research on infidelity in Spain and considering that 94 per cent of Spaniards’ preferred place for lovemaking was in their own home, we thought we could give peace of mind to men and women, not only at night, but also during the day when they have to go out to work.

The sensors in the bed detect movement, but the mattress is apparently smart enough to differentiate between something as innocent as the dog jumping up on the bed, and something as inappropriate as some extramarital doggy… err, this is a family site, we’ll just say they’ve done their research. They’ve apparently done their research well enough that they can provide an eerily accurate depiction of what might be going on…

The technology is so advanced that the jealous app user will be able to see in real time what parts of the bed are seeing the most activity, giving him or her a mental picture of exactly what their partner is up to.

Now, first of all, I would have to think that anybody considering buying this mattress should really re-evaluate their relationship and maybe just consider calling it off right there.  But second of all, if you did end up buying this mattress, would you really want to know exactly what was going on?

No word on whether or not the Smarttress will make its way out of Spain, but if you’re in Spain and worried about your significant other, you can get a smart mattress of your very own with a standard double-bed size starting at £1,200.

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