Apple May Rebrand OS X To MacOS


MacOS or possibly macOS is what Apple plans on rebranding OS X with, at least according to rumors swirling about this weekend. With iOS 10 just around the corner the company could very well be thinking of rebranding its desktop OS to avoid confusion. iOS 10 and OS X are similar but different, but similar enough that it might create a bit of chaos. The rumors of a rebranding flared up in a John Gruber interview with Phil Schiller where it was noticed macOS referenced in a configuration file and also that macOS was mentioned on an Apple support page.

Rebranding the OS makes sense though, on a few different levels anyway. Not only will it avoid confusion with the newly released mobile operating system iOS 10 but it will also refresh Apple’s desktop operating system and give it new life (from a marketing standpoint). The company has been using OS X for years now and, as TechCrunch mentions, the perception might become that the operating system hasn’t evolved and Apple is still stuck on operating system 10.

Of course they’ve not been stuck on OS “10” at all, the company releases a new operating system frequently but they continue to use OS X. Instead of upping the number scheme to say, OS XI, OS XII or OS XIII they chose a naming scheme to tag on to the end of OS X. First they started with big cat names like OS X Cheetah and OS X Panther then they moved to locations in California such as OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite.

The rumors say the change will be to either MacOS or macOS but we’re not sure if Apple will continue the location naming scheme or switch to a number naming scheme. We shall see what happens.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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