Kuner Kuke Smart Case Review: iPhone Power & Storage


We all have been there in the past: low on power, low on storage for all those Live Photos on our iPhones. Most of the time we either have to plug our iPhones in to a wall charger and spend twenty minutes freeing up space to take more pictures. Well with the Kuner Kuke Smart Case you’ll have less wall hugging and storage clearing so you’ll have time to capture those special moments that might have slipped by. Read on for our full Kuner Kuke Smart Case review.


Looking at the images on Kuner’s website the Kuke Smart Case looks really nice but seeing it in person brings a whole new level of appreciation. The case is slim, super slim and for a battery case this is a big deal. The case sent to us was for the iPhone 6s Plus and while it does add some bulk to the phone as expected, it wasn’t at all overbearing. The case feels solidly built with quality top notch materials and even the glossy back material is nice and pleasant to hold. The power button and volume rocker offer excellent tactile feedback. The Kuner branding is subtle and not overbearing. But most importantly, the chin of the case is slim and low profile, unlike many other cases. Overall Kuner did an excellent job here, the design compliments the iPhone very well.

Kuke Smart Case Storage Feature

One of the unique design features of the Kuke is the built in 16 or 64GB storage options. Extra storage is a regular feature on many Android phones so having it on an iPhone is a bit of a luxury for many iOS users. When you first put the Kuke on your phone you’ll be prompted to Trust or Not Trust this computer. Don’t fret that the message is in Chinese, accept the Web Clip and it will lead you to the App Store to download the application. Once you have the app installed you can set up your storage profiles.

You can move files to and from the Kuke and to and from the iPhone at will. Some of the text on the app will still be in Chinese but it is fairly simple to navigate and it’s very handy to have that extra storage, especially if you’re a heavy picture taker. The storage feature also allows for securing your files. Simply jump into the app settings and turn on file protection. Having this extra storage is essential, especially for iOS users who purchased a 16GB iPhone. This feature along with the battery make this an amazing buy.


Super simple installation. Like many other power cases there are two pieces to be concerned with. The back power pack and the front snap rim. Simply separate the two and slide the phone into the lighting connector then snap the rim into place. It is really that simple.

Battery Life

With 2400mAh on board here the Kuke falls short of fully charging the iPhone 6s Plus’s 2750mAh battery to full from zero but most people will likely start charging well before then. So you can expect the 2400mAh to almost double your iPhone 6s Plus’s battery capacity. You should easily get through two and a half days with the iPhone battery and the Kuke Smart Case battery combined. For as slim as this case is, the 2400mAh capacity is impressive.


While the Kuke Smart Case doesn’t look like much, it is actually very protective and will protect your phone from short falls and tumbles from around 3-4 feet. Anything higher I might be a little worried. Our review unit was dropped multiple times by my kids so I know a 3-4 foot drop is doable.


Priced at $69, this power/storage case for the iPhone is an amazing value.

Wrap Up

Slim, extra power, extra storage at a fair price… this one is worth checking out iPhone users.

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*We were sent a review sample of the Kuner Kuke Smart Case for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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