Get 13 Hearthstone “Whispers Of The Old Gods” Card Packs Free

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Hearthstone-CThunHearthstone‘s latest expansion, “Whispers of the Old Gods,” is just around the corner releasing on April 26th in North America and April 27th in Europe. During the launch week event, Blizzard has a number of ways in which you can earn up to 13 “Whispers of the Old Gods” card packs completely free.

Blizzard announced the different quests on a recent Hearthstone livestream, and a reddit user compiled the various quests you can undertake to get your free card packs. As AdamNW indicates, that’s a value of about $15 or 1300 in-game gold which is a pretty good freebie.

  • Log in during the release event: 3 free packs, along with a guaranteed C’Thun and two other cards that buff C’Thun when they are played.
  • Win 2 games in their new “Standard” format: Five free packs
  • Win 7 games (after the 2 above) in the “Standard” format: Five more free packs.

C’Thun is one of the new legendary Old God cards that will be available, and “Whispers of the Old Gods” features 134 new cards as well as the introduction of the Standard and Wild game play formats, and some pretty big nerfs to some existing cards. Blizzard didn’t indicate how long the release event would last, so be sure to login and complete the quests sooner rather than later to get your free packs.

Are you looking forward to Hearthstone‘s “Whisper of the Old Gods” expansion? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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