Google’s Project To Bring Android Apps To Chrome OS Isn’t Dead

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You might remember Google’s project to bring Android apps to the Chrome OS platform. It was called ARC and while it was mostly welcome news to the community, not much seemed to be happening with it. In fact, with so little news about it, many probably thought it was dead.

A post on Reddit points to the Play Store coming to Chrome OS very soon though. The user, /u/TheWiseYoda, posted a screenshot of the Settings page of Chrome OS with a new option – the option to “Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook.”

While a commenter pointed out that this feature doesn’t work yet, it is a hopeful sign for Chrome OS users, who haven’t had the best ecosystem of apps. The same commenter also posted a screenshot which showed a splash screen of the welcome message.

XDA validated these screenshots by checking out the source code, where they found the reference to ARC.

Chrome OS To Run Android Apps

This feature, while highly awaited, is unlikely to come before Google I/O 2016, which is in a month or so. The current selection of apps on Chrome OS is pretty mediocre and nowhere near the quality we expect from Android apps. This feature will probably require an update to Chrome OS and that’s where a uncertainty creeps in. We can’t be sure if all Chromebooks will receive this update. Some, like the Pixel, certainly will. Others, which have been around longer, might reach end of life before the update is released.

This is definitely very exciting news for Chrome OS users and it should accelerate the growth and adoption of the platform. Do you use a Chromebook? How do you feel about the current selection of apps? Are you excited in running Android apps on it? Let us know, in the comments below, on Google+, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

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