Netflix Update Allows Control Over Video Quality

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One of the biggest fears we have today with our cellular providers is that unlimited data isn’t offered like it used to be. So streaming music and videos eats up a lot of cellular data even on the highest data plans. Netflix has updated their application for Android and iOS devices which will now allow you to change the cellular data usage. It’ll definitely help you out if you’re afraid of going over your data limit and getting charged for overages.

Now, if you have unlimited data through Sprint and T-Mobile or are part of the Binge On feature T-Mobile offers, you probably won’t need to worry much about this update, but it’s still good to have this in the back of your mind just in case. To see where this option is in the Netflix app, just go to App Settings and then tap Cellular Data Usage. You’ll see different options for the quality of the video and there’s is a little disclaimer to let you know that “Higher quality video uses more data. Data usage can vary based on network conditions.” The different quality options include, Off, Low, Medium, High, and Unlimited. Each option will let you know about how much video streaming you can do in a an hour. For example, if you have the option medium chosen, you can watch about two hours of video per gigabyte or if you want high video quality, you’ll be able to watch about 1 hour per gigabyte.


It’s good to see that Netflix is at least trying to help users out when it comes to not going over their data limit so there’s a plus, but how long will those users who watch Netflix a lot stay on one setting before moving up to another and using more data? What are your thoughts about Netflix offering a video quality setting in their application to help save data for users? Let us know by leaving your comment down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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