Developer Copies Code From StackOverflow, Gets Busted


All developers know about StackOverflow. It’s a basic Q&A style forum in which developers can ask and answer questions relating to all things developer. The site offers categories like iOS development, web development, and Android development. It also has specific sections for different programming languages like Java, Swift, and the like. It is truly a great resource for those of us who enjoy developing software for whatever platform we chose. Unfortunately, as with anything in life, not everyone uses StackOverflow in ways that are appropriate and that can end up causing more harm than good.

Such was the case for one Nissan app developer caught copying code from the StackOverflow forum. The Nissan developer used this post and evidently copied and pasted a string into the app he was developing for Nissan. What he forgot to do was change the string, and it somehow got past Nissan’s quality assurance checks and into the live app store.


Image Credit – Scott Helme

If you are a developer, or thinking of becoming one, the takeaway of this article is the following advice: never copy code from the Internet without altering it yourself. And try not to just alter obvious pieces of the code but try adding your own bits and pieces to make it better. Also remember to share your modifications with the community so that everyone can benefit from your experience as you benefit from others.

Developing apps and software takes time, and resources like StackOverflow are there for the benefit of all but proper attribution and community involvement is key in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem. So remember not to just copy and paste someone else’s work. Use it yes, but only as a template to learn from and grow to help fellow developers.

Are you a developer? What do you think of StackOveflow and this Nissan app developer’s obvious misstep? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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