ZUS Returns With ZUS Kevlar Cable — The Last Cable You’ll Ever Need?

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Hot on the heels of their successful Indiegogo campaign for the ZUS Car Charger, nonda has returned with a new campaign. Not content with the runaway success that they’ve already achieved with their car charger that earned a 4.9 out of 5 rating from our very own Alex Hernandez, the new Indiegogo campaign is for something that any of us with a smartphone could use — cables. The ZUS Kevlar Cable has hit Indiegogo, and with its Lifetime Warranty it may just be the last cable you’ll ever buy.

What makes nonda so confident in this product that they’d offer a lifetime warranty? Cable strength. The cable gets its strength, as the name implies, from Kevlar. The same material used in bulletproof vests and other applications where strength is key, Kevlar provides the core and strength that this cable relies on. The Nylon-wrapped exterior doesn’t hurt either, but it’s the Kevlar core that really gives the cable its strength.

ZUS Kevlar Cable Inside

The ZUS Kevlar Cable length is set at four feet (1.2m), which nonda determined was the perfect length for use inside of most vehicles. In their testing, the distance from the car charger to a windshield or dashboard phone dock was 40 to 46 inches, meaning that the standard lengths of 3ft and 6ft would either be too short, or far too long. The cable also features a 90-degree USB-A plug. This design allows you to plug in your cable in a more compact space. It lends itself perfectly to the design of the ZUS Car Charger too, allowing for both USB ports on the charger to be used in even the most cramped vehicular environments.


The ZUS Kevlar Cables have been tested tough too. nonda sent the ZUS Kevlar Cable to the German test lab, TÜV for a 3rd party test of the cable’s durability. In their testing, the ZUS Kevlar cable bent more than 15,000 times before failure, which is a 50% improvement over other competing cables that only bent around 10,000 times before breaking. You might be saying to yourself, do I really need those extra 5,000 bends? Maybe, maybe not, but the ZUS Kevlar Cable is actually less expensive than some of the other competing cables, giving you a high quality product at a lower price.

These cables are available in all three of the major mobile formats: Micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning. The Lightning cables are MFi certified, and the USB Type C cables follows the full USB-C spec, meaning it meets the following requirements:

  • 56K Ohm Resistor
  • Vbus IR drop of less than 500mV
  • GND IR drop of less than 250mV at 3A

The goal set by nonda for this campaign was a very reasonable$10,000 which they’ve already completely crushed. The main reason to jump on the Indiegogo campaign is to secure one of the remaining Early Bird discounts. There are plenty of backing levels available should you want one, two, or even more cables. If you backed nonda on the ZUS car charger campaign you might want to check your e-mail too, as there is a secret backing level available for repeat ZUS customers. Check out the campaign video below, and then be sure to head to the source link and get what may be the last cable you’ll ever need to buy.

[button link=”https://igg.me/at/zuskevlarcable/x/5163870″ icon=”fa-shopping-cart” side=”left” target=”blank” color=”285b5e” textcolor=”ffffff”]Purchase on Indiegogo[/button]

Last Updated on May 19, 2016.


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