Are You Ready For Autonomous Vehicles?


Autonomous vehicles are becoming a topic of discussion among even the non-tech community which usually means the tech is breaching into the mainstream. Google has been one of the driving forces behind autonomous vehicles with the Google self-driving car and now other car manufacturers are actively joining the fray. Volvo has been experimenting with the idea as has Toyota and Ford Motor Company. Tesla is also working on bringing the technology to the roads of the world and has its own Autopilot integrated into its electric vehicles. The newest entrant is Chevrolet, who had their autonomous vehicles recently spotted in San Francisco.

Autonomous vehicles still have a lot of research and development to go through before they become an actual reality, not to mention the amount of legislation that will likely come up both on a national and local level. Laws and rules will have to be adjusted and even infrastructure is likely going to have to change. There is much to consider before autonomous vehicles could ever become an actual consumer use product on a mass scale.

As with any new technology, you have those for and against it. We’re interested in knowing, given the information you’ve gathered for yourself: Are you ready for autonomous vehicles to arrive as a consumer product? Hit the poll below and feel free to leave a comment below as well if you’d like to expound on your “yes” or “no” answer. Autonomous vehicles are certainly not going to be welcomed with open arms by everyone and there are certainly many discussions that will be happening before it can happen.

So hit that poll below and then feel free to comment below, we love to hear your thoughts on social media but please try and use our commenting system here so we can keep everyone’s thoughts all in one place.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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