Rumor: Glass iPhone Coming In 2017-2018?


With all the Google buzz in the air and Google I/O still going on, Apple certainly can’t be left out of the news. The CEO of Catcher Technology, Allen Horng, seems to have let a cat out of the bag about a future iPhone. Horng seems to indicate that Apple is indeed planning on releasing an all glass iPhone and vaguley indicates that at least one model will be all glass next year. It seems Catcher Technology is preparing for the glass iPhone as it would affect the companies sales.

“As far as I know, only one [iPhone] model will adopt glass casing next year,” Horng told reporters after the annual shareholder meeting on Thursday. “I don’t think this move will have an impact on Catcher’s revenue as glass casing still needs a durable metal frame which requires advanced processing technology and would not be cheaper than the current model.”

Horng said there will be no Apple handsets using glass-only casings without metal frames next year.

Apple accounts for 33% of Catcher Technologies revenue supplying casings for Apple’s devices so if a glass iPhone is coming, it would certainly be time for Horng to be looking elsewhere for business.

“Apple’s decision would definitely hurt Catcher while giving a major boost to Biel Crystal Manufactory and Lens Technology,”

With iPhone sales slumping and Apple losing revenue and popularity, it makes sense for the company to try and make something different. Whether or not Apple will be able to pull off a glass iPhone remains to be seen. Even premium glass used on smartphone screens can be damaged if dropped so the technology for an all glass body will be interesting to see. It will certainly be a first if Apple can pull it off.

What do you think of an all glass iPhone? Doable or not? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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