Seidio Kryptek Surface Review: The Kryptek Camo Case

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Seidio is back with its amazing Surface line of cases, but this time they’ve partnered with world-renowned state-of-the-art camouflage creators, Kryptek. Kryptek makes camo gear for a variety of different applications and was founded by two veterans who have a great eye for design. Seidio had a short statement concerning their partnership with Kryptek.

From Navy Seals at sea to U.S. Special Forces fighting in the harsh conditions of the Middle East, Kryptek’s designs have been tailored to provide a unique advantage in a world full of uncertainties. And every one of Kryptek’s patterns has been designed with a specific purpose in mind: Colors are carefully engineered. Pattern architecture beautifully mimics particular environments. After all, they first have to satisfy the demands of tactical situations anywhere. While intended for camouflage purposes, Kryptek’s designs are often considered to be works of art, rather than strictly a means of concealment.

Our partnership with Kryptek has been quickly acknowledged by both parties as a great opportunity to provide ever more thoughtful and excellent products to all interested. We’re thrilled to offer Kryptek camouflage on a variety of our cases and accessories.


This is the single coolest thing about the new Seidio Surface cases. The Kryptek camo design on these matches some of the company’s clothing camo patterns and it looks amazing. The case is made up of two parts, an inner TPU part and an outer shell. The signature kickstand is also on the back as is the signature cut out for the Apple logo, if you’re rocking the iPhone version. The Kryptek is available for iPhone and the Galaxy S7. Overall Seidio’s design hasn’t changed beyond the camo pattern but the design is still great. The cutouts are spacious and the buttons have great tactile feedback, all the same traits as the original Surface.


Pretty much all Seidio cases are easy to install and the Surface hasn’t changed in that respect. I will say, though, this time around I did find myself with a case that was more snug than my normal previous Seidio cases.  I had to really wiggle and finesse the outer shell into place. Nothing too crazy but it did take a minute. The hard outer shell separates at the bottom and the TPU portion comes out. Simply slip your phone into the TPU part and then slip the top two-thirds portion of the case over the top. It may take a second to wiggle it on. Then slide the bottom third on and snap the two pieces together and you’re good to go.


Great drop protection here along with front screen protection with a slightly raised lip. The case is super slim but will protect your device from everyday spills.


The Seidio Kryptek Surface will be available today on Seidio’s website for $39.99. That pricing is a bit higher than their regular surface but if you’re a Kryptek fan, that could be well worth it to you.

Wrap Up

If you like Kryptek designs or camo in general, this Surface is a great choice.

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*We were sent review samples of the Kryptek series for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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