Reddit Tool Warns Users If Sites Require Ad Blocker Be Disabled


Ad Blocker warnings are the latest Reddit tool against sites requiring that Ad Blocker be disabled before viewers can read the site’s content. Using an Ad Blocker has become much easier and much more mainstream. In the past, using an Ad Blocker was generally reserved to those who were tech savvy and the rest of the internet went on about its normal surfing habits. But over time online advertising has grown and some sites took full advantage of that advertising and became inundated with obtrusive ads. As that started to happen more users began seeking a way to eliminate those ads and the use of an Ad Blocker has become nearly a normal thing now, some would even say an essential thing.

Ad Blocker

Reddit’s new tool creates warnings labels prominently in red and are labeled AdBlock WARNING. These tools are available to everyone but the implementation will vary across Reddit. Some subreddits will choose to use this flair to better inform their users while other subreddits won’t use it at all. Currently the subreddit /r/technology seems to be the primary user of the Ad Blocker flair which they chose to use instead of outright banning any links to sites that require disabling Ad Blockers.

It has come to our attention that many websites such as Forbes and Wired are now requiring users to disable ad blockers to view content. Because Forbes requires users to do this and has then served malware to them we see this as a security risk to you our community. There are also sites such as Wall Street Journal that have implemented pay-walls which we were are also considering banning.

While publishers are fighting back against the use of Ad Blockers by requiring they be turned off before viewing content. It looks like users are now fighting back by simply warning other users about these publishers.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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