Can The Verizon Guy Convince You To Switch To Sprint?


Well look at who is pitching Sprint’s service now, it’s the famous Verizon Guy Paul Marcarelli and he’s convinced you’ll want to switch to Sprint. You’ll remember the Verizon Guy from the “Can you hear me now?” Verizon commercials that helped push Verizon’s service as one of the most reliable. Marcarelli is obviously a hired actor and he did an excellent job of playing the role of the Verizon Guy for the company and now Sprint is hoping he can do the same for them. Check out Marcarelli’s work for Verizon and then watch his flip to Sprint afterwards.

The wireless network wars have been raging for years and it’s no surprise to see Sprint seek out one of Verizon’s best pitchmen to run this campaign. Whether or not this marketing twist is going to help them gain any users is up for debate. Sprint’s network hasn’t been considered very good by many and that black eye still shows. They’re trying their best to cover the blemishes up through creative marketing.

The company is currently $33 billion dollars in debt, but to their credit, they are attempting to turn that around. T-Mobile has been on a tear lately, gaining users and marketing themselves heavily with boisterous CEO John Legere leading the marketing charge. While Legere is a tough act to beat, Sprint may have some ammo with the Verizon Guy as the possible new face of Sprint. I wonder how much they had to shell out for his services?

What do you think of Sprint’s latest marketing move? Can an actor get them a fresh start?  Can they get a new foothold in the mobile market? How do you feel about the massive debt they’re currently in? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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