Rumor: iMessage On Android?

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Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is just around the corner and we’re hearing whisperings that iMessage for Android may be announced. That’s right people, you didn’t read that incorrectly, iMessage on Android. Apple has already expanded its Apple Music offering to Android, and iMessage on Android may be the next step into tapping into the millions of Android users Apple will likely never sway to iOS. It also may solve a long-standing problem of former iOS users not receiving or being able to send texts to their former iMessage colleagues — a problem that takes a few steps to fix but is fixable.

iMessage is often one of the iOS features that defectors of the platform wish they had on Android so if this rumor proves true, then many users will be pleased. We’re not entirely sure how this would work across platform other than Android would have its own iMessage app. Whether or not iOS users will also get a new app remains to be seen. We speculate that nothing would change on the iOS side as the native messaging app works fine with regular texting and iMessage, so Android having to utilize another messaging app to use iMessage might not be appealing to them. But it’s unclear what Apple’s goal is with such a move, it could be to compete with Whatsapp and Hangouts giving messaging without a cellular connection.

Apple has recently been opening up a bit more than usual with Apple Music on Android and opening up Apple events to Microsoft Edge browser users. In the past, Apple Events were locked to Apple products and the Safari Browser. Now you can use the Edge browser to catch these events, and adding iMessage for Android would show that the company is at the very least, attempting to come out of its walled garden.

iMessage is an Apple product so you can’t use iMessage on your Android device but according to iTechCliq you can send and receive iMessage from Windows PC.

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Last Updated on July 25, 2019.


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