Facebook Moments App Jumps To #1 As Facebook Threatens To Delete Synced Photos

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Facebook has once again found a surefire way to get one of its apps to the top of the App Store — tell users that their synced photos will be deleted unless they download the app, in this case the Facebook Moments app.

As Twitter user @aurevoiralexis posted, Facebook emailed her to tell her that her photos would be deleted on or after July 7th if she didn’t download and install the Facebook Moments app for iOS.

As you can see, Alexis was surprised that Facebook is going to delete her synced photos, she didn’t even realize that she had over 12,000 photos synced. The optional feature was launched for iOS users back in 2012 and allowed users to automatically sync their photos to Facebook, with the intent of making it easier for users to find and share images because they’d already be uploaded to the social media site. In the Facebook app, the photos are stored in an album called Synced while on the desktop the album is called Synced from Phone, and these are the photos that Facebook will be deleting after July 7th unless the user downloads and logs in to the Moments app while photos uploaded and shared in other ways will remain safe.

What the purpose behind Facebook’s move is unknown, but many users are seeing this as another attempt to push them towards another Facebook app, as happened when the company launched Facebook Messenger and started shutting down other ways to access Facebook messages. It certainly appears to be working though, as TechCrunch is reporting the Moments app has gone from being in the mid-90s to number one on the App Store in recent days.

What do you think about Facebook’s decision to force users to use the Facebook Moments app for their synced photos? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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