Cameras Are Now Obsolete

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In fact, we may be using the same camera most of the time. Here is my photography motto if you’ve not ever heard me (or another photography enthusiast) say it: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” That’s right, Mr. I-stood-in-line-all-day-to-get-this-iPhone6SPlus128giga-whatever dude. Your camera is the same as mine most of the time. And just so I don’t leave anyone out: Android-beats-Apple-like-rock-beats-scissors dude has basically the same camera in his pocket too. In fact, the image below was shot using an iPhone 4S. I typed that right a 4S.

BW Summer on the farm
Photo from Kevin at

Here’s why your camera is obsolete: Even though I love photography and love having the capability to control the mechanics of my DSLR, the fact is most of the time I don’t carry it around with me. On purpose. And if I’m guessing right most people have a little dust on their “big camera” or their standalone video recorder. But again — why do we have these things if we don’t take them with us? And why do we complain about not having them when we get in the position of needing to take a “real” picture? Next I am going to debunk the myths about needing a “big” camera to take “real” pictures.

*** Disclaimer: If you’re a photographer like me then you may not want to read this as it goes against the purist grain a little. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting and having ultimate control, but it’s nice to be able to flake out and just enjoy the moment sometimes too. ***

Myth 1:

“I wish I had brought my DSLR to graduation/wedding/special occasion because I would like to take some pictures and they just won’t be good.”

False. A few years ago I would agree. But if you have a major brand smartphone made in 2015 or after you are probably fine. Go ahead and shoot that scene, whatever scene fancies you. From outdoor photos to nighttime selfies my iPhone 6S Plus handles every moment with ease. Selfies with friends in the dim lit reception area of a wedding are not a problem. Getting a shot of the booming dance floor is not an issue. And the best part, I don’t have to worry about my settings. Pull my iPhone out, swipe up, tap camera, and tap the shutter button. Swipe once to take a video. Lock the screen and put my iPhone neatly in my pocket. Just like that I’m back into party mode. Maybe next time I’ll leave that “big” camera at home because all it’s doing is sitting on the table at my seat.


Wedding Cake
Photo from Kevin at


Grace Downtown
Photo from Kevin at

Myth 2:

“I can’t get a great landscape shot without my “big” camera.”

False. I’ve been shooting amazing landscapes for a few years on many different platforms including: Motorola Droid, iPhone 4S, Moto X, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung S6 Edge, and now the iPhone 6S Plus. With a little practice that landscape will turn out beautifully. Practice and keep working on it. The excuse should not be the device. Work with what you’ve got and then try to improve. Hold your hand more steady, don’t zoom in with your fingers, zoom with your feet (walk closer to the subject). Below are some old and recent samples from mobile devices shot by yours truly.


Photo from Kevin at
Saint Augustine Fort
Photo from Kevin at
Check the rear view
Photo from Kevin at

Myth 3:

“I can’t get good prints from my camera phone.”

I’ve heard this excuse more than once. Tell me what megapixel is best? You don’t know? Maybe it’s because back in the day (2001) photographers were shooting with digital cameras that were only 4 megapixels. The Canon 1-D was the top of the line Canon for pros and only shot 4 megapixel images. Now how do you feel about your iPhone’s 12 megapixel camera or that 20 megapixel Android? Oh, and I’ve sold a few prints that were taken with the iPhone 4S so don’t tell me that the image is too small or not clear enough.

Sydney Lanier Bridge
Photo from Kevin at
Photo from Kevin at
The Dock
Photo from Kevin at

So next time you’re wondering if you should shoot because you left your “big” camera at home remember, the best camera is truly the one you have with you. Your camera on your phone is fully capable of handling the job, just give it some practice and you can capture some amazing and beautiful images! Your other camera is now obsolete. Well, for most people anyway.

What do you think about your camera being obsolete? Let me know in the comments, on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. Also you can check out more of my work on Google Plus.


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