Huawei building their own mobile OS if Google falls through


Samsung has been building their own mobile OS (Tizen) for a few years now and uses it extensively overseas. There have been rumors that Samsung is seeking to get out from underneath the thumb of Google’s Android operating system and bring Tizen worldwide. Now Huawei may be having the same sorts of thoughts. The Information reports that the company is in the first stages of building its own mobile OS for its smartphones should the relationship with Google not work out.

I’m not sure why Huawei would anticipate or prepare for their relationship with Google to go south. Part of the issue may be Google’s control of the app store and control over certain aspects of the Android operating system. It’s easy to see that phone manufactures who want to expand their software offerings on their devices may be limited in scope by Google. Of course that’s no fault of Google, they own what they own and they have the right to put stipulations on its use. Huawei’s new mobile OS is reportedly being worked on in Scandinavia and the team includes ex-Nokia employees.

But the new operating system isn’t anywhere near being ready to even use. So in the meantime, Huawei is working on overhauling its EMUI skin that ships on its smartphones. EMUI tends to follow the same design standards other Chinese ROMs have adopted. Meizu and Xiaomi both use the same style of skin which bears a resemblance to Apple’s iOS. Huawei is said to be introducing its new Android skin in September and it could break away from the iOS look and embrace the Android standard look.

Huawei has ambitions to become a global electronics brand, but at the moment it sells nearly all of its handsets in China. The company has yet to secure a deal with a major US carrier (it sells its smartphones unlocked online), and its products lack credibility in the West — which is at least in part due to its unoriginal software.

Brody, says The Information, acknowledges these difficulties and told the publication she wants to overcome the company’s “pain points” and “glaring cosmetic issues.” She was also quoted by the publication as saying that one day Huawei could become “the world’s No. 1, the most advanced and favorite ‘lifestyle-centric’ ecosystem, and without having to copy Apple at all, ever!”

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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