Phiaton MS 300 BA Earphone review: Great sound after some minor adjustments

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Earbuds come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Each have their own sound, tuning, and features. Today I’ll be talking about the Phiaton MS 300 BA earphones. Keep reading to see how they stand up to the rest of the earbud crowd.


  • Hybrid Dual Driver
  • Balanced Armature Driver
  • Low Frequency Pass Filter
  • Tangle-Free Oval Shaped Cable
  • Transparent Design

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Phiaton MS 300 BA Earphones
  • 1 x Leather carrying case
  • 4 x Extra ear tips
  • 1 x User Guide


I mentioned different shapes and sizes at the beginning of this review, and the Phiaton MS 300 BA earphones definitely have a shape somewhat outside the norm. The earbud tip is similar to other earbuds on the market, but then it angles out and back into a more elongated shape. The Hybrid Dual Driver included in these earbuds needs a place to stay, and the elongated enclosure give it that room to spread out.

The driver enclosure has a clear back, so you can see some of the inner workings of the MS 300 BA’s. This window is on the side that fits into your ear though, so your friends won’t be able to see it when the earbuds are in place. The outside of the earbud is black with a narrow grey strip down the center. This strip has the Phiaton name mark as well as a small hole.

Phiaton MS 300 BA Review Earbuds

The buds connect to the cable with a reinforced rubber connector. The R/L indicator is shown on the rubber, though honestly you won’t need to look at those indicators much as I’ll explain shortly. The cord itself is a red oval-shaped cord that resists tangling. The one-button control and mic are located on the cord leading to the left earbud. The earbud split meets at a hard plastic piece with the Phiaton name mark. The plug for the cable is a 90º flat plug with the Phiaton logo in red on top. My one complaint about the design of the Phiaton MS 300 BA earphones is that the cord is roughly 6-8 inches shorter than most other wired earbuds.

When you first look at the earbuds themselves, they do honestly look kind of big, though once you put them into your ears they really are quite comfortable. The included replacement tips should ensure that you’ll get a nice tight fit, and the remaining parts of the earbud fit nicely into the concha of your ear (that’s the fancy name for the big hole that eventually leads to your ear drum). The way that the earbuds are angled mean that there’s really only one way that you can possibly put these earbuds into your ears. That’s why you really won’t need to look for the R/L indicator, as there’s only one way the buds will fit and stay in your ears.


I will say that the Phiaton MS 300 BA earphones sound great, but there are a couple of caveats. The Hybrid Dual Driver, Balanced Armature Driver, and Low Pass Filter mean that these earbuds can put out some serious sound. They are actually very very loud to be honest. Their default tuning also skews pretty heavily towards the high end. The highs and mids are very clear, they can simply be overpowering depending on what you are listening to. Videos and whatnot weren’t an issue, but some music could become just a bit too much. With just a little bit of help though, you can really unlock the earbud’s true potential.

Phiaton MS 300 BA Review Earbud Detail

Most any music software should have an equalizer of some kind. Google Play Music and Windows Media Player were the main ones that I used during my testing. Both were absolutely necessary in order to get the best possible sound from these earbuds. Even some of the default equalizer settings will result in a much better experience with most types of music. Without those settings, I found some music difficult to listen to because the high end was so pronounced. As long as you can tone down some of the higher frequencies though you’ll have a great sounding pair of earbuds.

Even with equalization, the low end and bass response is good, but still just a bit less than I think I’d ultimately like. If you don’t need or want a lot of bass response though, the highs and mids with these earbuds are incredibly clear.

Call Quality

Calls taken using the Phiaton MS 300 BA earphones all sounded good. The earbuds are still just a bit loud for calls, but taking one earbud out during calls negates that issue. To be fair though, I tend to have to do that with calls using most any earbuds. Callers could hear and understand me without issue. The mic is at a good spot on the cable so no other adjustments were necessary.


Priced at $99, the Phiaton MS 300 BA earphones are a pretty good value. The sound, though sometimes needing a few tweaks, is very good. The clarity of every range is truly very impressive, and better than most other earbuds that I’ve used. The extra included tips and carrying case add some extra value as well.

Phiaton MS 300 BA Review Carrying Case

Wrap Up

As long as you’re willing to put in a little bit of work — really just turning on the equalizer for any of the music players that you use — you’re going to enjoy the Phiaton MS 300 BA earphones. They provide amazingly clear audio for an earbud.

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*We were sent a review sample of the Phiaton MS 300 BA Earphones for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 21, 2020.


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