Next Apple Watch may have a micro-LED display

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The Apple Watch marked Apple’s first foray into OLED displays, now the next generation may see a micro-LED display. That is according to Digitimes who pulled its information from Apple suppliers. These suppliers claim that a micro-LED display will be on the Apple Watch come 2017. A micro-LED display would most likely extend the battery life of the Apple Watch due to it’s lower power draw. Apple purchased display maker LuxVue back in 2014 and it looks like that tech is ready to be implemented.

Apple is also rumored to be bringing OLED technology to its iPhone in 2017. OLED is not new display screen technology and many Android devices already use the technology, but it would be a first for Apple. We may see Apple use LuxVue’s micro-LED display technology in future iPhones. Having a display that draws less power and increases battery life would be very beneficial for Apple and its users.

Two experts on micro-LEDs spoke at Display Week, and noted that with current technology, it’s difficult to build display panels of any meaningful size. That means it’s unlikely that LuxVue technology will power displays for the LCD-equipped iPhone, iPad or MacBook in the near future.

But for smaller displays, micro-LED could become a viable option, and Werner believes the Apple Watch would be a good candidate. Apple currently uses OLED technology for the Apple Watch display, which helps to extend the device’s battery life. It is Apple’s first device with an OLED display.

While this is all rumor and speculation, it would be nice to see micro-LED display technology be implemented. While it’s likely only going to be on the Apple Watch due to size limitations, future iPhone use is a nice thought to have.

Do you think Apple will finally make use of its 2014 acquisition of LuxVue’s micro-LED technology? What do you think of the tech? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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