Samsung “Smart Glow” a new spin on notifications


Sam Mobile is reporting Samsung’s Smart Glow tech will be making its way to devices soon, starting with the Galaxy J2. Smart Glow is a new spin on notifications and alerts. The feature can give the user priority and usage alerts as well as something Samsung calls “Selfie assist.” You can even assign colors to contacts so you know who’s calling you just by looking at Smart Glow.

Usage alerts pertain to the functioning of the phone itself. The Smart Glow ring will light up in different colors, indicating battery status and providing charging alerts. Last but not least, Selfie assist helps taking pictures of oneself using the rear camera. The Smart Glow ring will light up in blue when the face is detected, after which the picture is taken within two seconds.

Right now the functionality is limited but Sam Mobile says the features will be expanded down the road.

Furthermore, there is ongoing development of features named Weather ring and Health ring. Weather ring provides weather information through Smart Glow. After shaking the phone, the ring will glow in a color that represents current weather conditions. Sunny weather will be, for example, represented by a yellow glow, while rain results in a blue hue.

Right now the only device confirmed to have this new tech is the Galaxy J2 and only in India. Samsung is likely going to bring the tech to future smartphones including its high end Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note line. It’s an interesting way to handle notifications and should be a fun feature to test out.

What do you think of Smart Glow? Do you think this is any different from the standard LED we’re used to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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