Verizon rate plan pricing may be on the rise


There were rumors floating around last week that Verizon would be coming out with competition for T-Mobile, specifically in dealing with rollover data. Much like T-Mobile offers for their Data Stash program, unused data would roll over to the next month and so on. Two other new programs rumored to be offered include a “Safety Mode” program, as well as calling and messaging to Canada and Mexico.

As far as the rate plans are concerned, the increases are rumored to be as follows: the “S” plan will start out at $35 per month providing 2GB of data. That’s a $5 increase from the current plan but also doubles the data from the current 1GB allotment. The “M” plan will be $50 per month giving users 4GB of data, currently $45 per month and 3GB of data. The “L” plan will come in at $70 per month and allow you 8GB of data, whereas it is currently $60 a month with 6GB of data. The “XL” plan is $90 per month with 16GB of data, originally $80 for 12GB. Lastly, the “XXL” plan will supposedly cost $110 per month and give you 24GB of data, and that original plan was $100 for 18GB of data. As you can tell, there’s a $5 to $10 increase in the plans, but a small to medium boost in the data department.

Now back to that “Safety Mode” and calling/texting to Canada and Mexico. The “Safety Mode” feature will remove overages, but will reduce data speeds once reaching their data allotment. The catch is that you will need to be either on the XL or XXL plan for this feature. If you’re on the S, M, or L plan, it will cost $5 per month if you go over your data. As for calling and texting to Canada and Mexico, those on the XL and XXL plan can also take advantage of these features. It will include free calling and texting, but only when you’re in the US.

What are your thoughts about Verizon raising their plan pricing, but giving you more data, roll over data, and calling/texting to Canada and Mexico? If you’re on Verizon currently, are you willing to pay a little more cash for a little more data and features? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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