YouTuber trolls internet with promise of unlimited cell data


Unlimited cell data, the holy grail for every data heavy user on the planet. We all wish we could have it, but those truly unlimited data plans are a dying breed. Unlimited cell data was big back when there were less users with less data hungry phones. Since smartphones have evolved into mini-computers, the appetite for data has also evolved. More people now have access to smartphones which in turn puts more demand on the carriers. The carriers have reacted to the demand by hiking up prices and compacting data plans. Most people are aware that these plans are pretty much gone but some are still wishful thinkers. That’s where YouTuber ThioJeo comes in to troll those of you who hope against hope you can buck the system.

As you can see, ThioJoe sets up his troll with a bevy of thoughtful and seemingly helpful information. You’re setup to believe this is a man who knows what he’s talking about. After gaining your trust he then proceeds to show you the “secret” to unlimited data. At this point, if you’re a sane person, your BS alarms should be at full ring. But ThioJoe has done such a great job setting you up, you’re sucked into his black hole of idiocy.

There’s sure to be a mixed reaction to what ThioJoe is doing here. On one hand there’ll be those who think this is mean-spirited. On the other you’ll have those who find this to be absolutely brilliant. Whatever side you may fall on one thing is fact. You’re not getting unlimited data by stuffing duct tape between your case and your phone. But you might get unlimited data if you share this article all over the internet! 😉 j/k

What do you think of ThioJoe’s troll video? Brilliant? Meanie McMeanster? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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