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Back when I was a kid there was a TV show called That’s Incredible and I never missed it. The stunt depicted in the video below would most certainly have made it to That’s Incredible, not only for it’s amazing stunt work but also for the level of insanity it took to perform said stunt! Read a bit about the stunt people involved in this truly gut turning, teeth grinding, edge of your seat stunt after the video.

Melissa Andrzejewski As a member of the US National Aerobatics team, Melissa delivers a precise, high impact, fast paced, surface level show that thrills the crowd! Melissa offers a solo aerobatic display in one of the most high performance aerobatic aircraft in the World, the Edge 540. The Edge is built in Guthrie, Oklahoma by Zivko Aeronautics and was designed to fly air races, World Level Unlimited Competition Aerobatic sequences, and dazzling and dizzying gyroscopic maneuvers. Weighing only 1200 pounds and powered by Ameritech’s 11:1 compression, 400 horsepower IO540 engine and custom painted Hartzell Claw Propeller, the Edge is a powerhouse! Melissa strives to combine all of these aspects into one action packed display of the aircraft and pilot’s capabilities.

Sketchy Andy Lewis Sketchy Andy Lewis is one of the worlds leading extreme athletes. He works professionally as a stunt rigger, coordinator, producer, performer, public speaker, and is world renowned for his creativity, artistic expression, and LIVE performances.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick Explaining Jimmy Fitzpatrick in a few words would be nearly impossible. Dirt bikes came into his life during family trips to the desert, primarly Ocotillo Wells. In his younger years Fitz was on a different direction of sports, taking on Aquatic High Diving. Once his family moved to a 54 acre vineyard propriety in Temecula, he turned his skills from flipping into water over to flipping a dirt bike onto dirt.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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