Xur’s location for July 8th-10th and what he’s selling

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It’s been some time since we’ve last talked about Xur’s location in Destiny, but today (a day late) we’ll update you as to where he’s located so you can get your exotic items from him. As I’m sure you’re all well aware, Year 2 Moments of Triumph have come out, so I bet you’re focused on that for the next two months, but as a heads up, Xur is not part of Year 2 Moments.

Xur is located over by the Speaker, and to get to him you will head left once spawned in the Tower as you would to speak with the Speaker in the North Tower, but before you actually go to the speaker, turn right and you’ll see him in front of the large doors (which I’ve always been curious about). What he’s offering this weekend is:

  • The Armamentarium chest armour for Titans – 13 Strange Coin
  • Bones of Eao leg armour for Hunters – 13 Strange Coin
  • Purifier Robes for Warlocks – 13 Strange Coin
  • Mida Multi-Tool Scout Rifle – 23 Strange Coin
  • Legacy Engram – 29 Strange Coin

Xur is also offering the usual Three of Coins for seven Strange Coin, Heavy Ammo Synthesis for one Strange Coin, Glass Needles for three Strange Coin, three Mote of Light, and one Exotic Shard, and is also offering two vehicle upgrades: Plasma Drive for 23 Strange Coin and “Emerald Coil” for 23 Strange Coin

With tomorrow being the last day, you don’t have much time to get to Xur especially if you’re busy, but if none of these exotics mean anything to you, then you’ll have no problem ignoring Xur and going back to your Year 2 quests. The only thing that I cared for was the Mida Multi-Tool since I like Scout Rifles. Now, time to head back to my Year 2 quests. Also, don’t forget that Destiny: Rise of Iron is set to come out in September this year.


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