Gionee M6 promises an encrypted chip for a more secure smartphone

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Securing your personal data is becoming a big deal these days and there are many software solutions but the Gionee M6 promises a hardware solution. This news is coming out of China where there had been rumors of a new encrypted chip coming from Gionee. The Gionee M6 and its specs leaked out on Chinese social media outlet Weibo where users noticed the specs of the chip and began asking questions.

Gionee M6

While Weibo speculated over a possible encrypted chip from Gionee, Gionee’s Vice-President Yu Lei came out and confirmed the company is indeed releasing the Gionee M6 with an encrypted chip. Gionee is touting this new chip as the equivalent to a black box. They claim this system will not be able to be compromised like software level security where encryption takes place at the OS level leaving it more open to an attack.

Gionee M6

This is certainly interesting news coming out of China and it does make one wonder how valid this is and if leading smartphone makers will follow suit. The Gionee M6 looks similar to a Huawei phone. It looks to have a 5″ plus screen, fingerprint scanner and the regular bits and pieces. The company hasn’t given any specs or details about the phone other than its encrypted chip capability. Gionee says it will release this phone for purchase on July 26th, not sure about U.S. availability but you may be able to import it if you’re interested. Our overseas readers should be able to snag one fairly easily.

What do you think of the Gionee M6 and its claim of having an encrypted chip for full device protection? Are you planning on picking one of these up? Let us know if you do and let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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