McDonald’s puts the cap on pornography viewing over its Wi-Fi


McDonald’s is putting a stop to customers consuming pornography over its free Wi-Fi service by adding better filters to the free service. I didn’t know that people actually went to McDonald’s for more than a Big Mac and fries but apparently pornography was on the menu. McDonald’s was getting complaints from customers that they were seeing instances of other customers watching pornography while in the restaurant. McDonald’s has implemented this porn filtering only in their corporate stores, franchisees will be given access to the same technology to filter their Wi-Fi but it will be up to them to implement it. You can read the entire press release sent to us via email below.

Washington, DC – In response to public requests, McDonald’s is now filtering out pornography from its Wi-Fi in corporate-owned restaurants, and is making the same service available to its franchisees. This is the result of a campaign spearheaded by Enough is Enough in partnership with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and more than 70 other organizations.
“I want to publicly thank McDonald’s for making its Wi-Fi safer for its patrons,” said Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “This change came after thousands of concerned citizens signed a petition asking for #PornFreeWi-Fi from McDonald’s and Starbucks, which was part of a larger campaign conducted by Enough is Enough in partnership with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. While Starbucks has yet to respond or take action, I commend McDonald’s for adopting a socially responsible corporate measure that ensures its customers enjoy safe, public space free from pornography.”

“This new filtered Wi-Fi policy, implemented in the first quarter of 2016, is automatically applied to all corporate-owned restaurants in the U.S. and the same service is available to its franchisees,” Hawkins continued. “Now the majority of McDonald’s restaurants will offer safer Wi-Fi for their patrons. McDonald’s now joins the ranks of other corporations such as Chick-fil-A and Panera Bread which are all doing their part to address the public health crisis of pornography by proactively filtering pornography on its Wi-Fi. We call on Starbucks to quickly follow their lead.”

The public is encouraged to sign this petition thanking McDonalds for its policy change.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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