Watch this truck roll out its own temporary road, roll it back up


Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t… ok, so for the foreseeable future we’re still going to need roads. Doc Brown and the rest of the Back to the Future team overestimated just a bit with their ideas of the future. Even though roads are very important for getting from one place to another, there are plenty of areas where you just can’t count on finding viable roadways. Wet or muddy roadways can be impassable for lots of vehicles.  In an emergency or disaster situation, the inability to get into or out of an area could spell further disaster. Faun Trackway has come up with a truck that can lay down a temporary road, and then roll it back up once it’s no longer needed. Check out the video below to see the truck in action.

The Trackway truck works by turning its rolled up aluminum roadway 90 degrees. It can then drive in reverse to lay the roadway underneath itself, providing additional traction as it goes. This also reduces the possibility of the truck getting stuck while deploying the temporary roadway. The vehicle can extend up to 50 meters of the aluminum road in around six minutes. Once deployed, the road can handle vehicles up to 70 metric tons.

Trackway can deploy even in wet or muddy conditions that would hinder more normal operation. Areas that have been flooded, or experienced mudslides are more accessible with the temporary road created by Trackway.

Originally developed by the U.K. Ministry of Defense, the FAUN Trackway has seen its share of military use. The company reports that more than 30 military agencies have used the Trackway. The vehicle has also been used more recently by various disaster relief organizations in order to provide faster access to obstructed areas.

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