Modobag lets you scooter around the airport on your luggage


Indiegogo is chock-full of some strange and wonderful ideas that sometimes get funded and other times don’t. The Modobag is one of those that will be fully funded but just how many people really want a motorized carry on? Currently Modobag has 93 backers which pushed them just over their $50,000USD goal. The Modobag is a carry on suitcase that has an electric motor, wheels, handlebars and a brake. The idea is, rather than run to the flight you may be late to, just jump on the bag and scurry on over three and a half times faster.

The Modobag will set you back $1,000USD during the Indiegogo campaign. For your cash you get a bag that fits the dimensions of a carry on, has an 8 mile range before the battery dies and retains 85% of the storage regular carry on bags have. The company also made the battery just under the FAA regulated 100 watt hour limit so you won’t have an issue bringing it on your flight. The company also suggests the uses for the bag extend even beyond airports, such as train stations and bus depots or even running business errands.

“We created Modobag to revolutionize the way people travel and introduce one of the biggest updates to carry-on luggage since rolling suitcases were launched in the 1970’s,” said O’Donnell, CEO of Modobag.  “With Modobag’s user-friendly, rideable carry-on, anyone from professionals to college students can eliminate their daily stress of commuting by getting to their destination faster, keeping their electronics charged and having fun while they do it.”

The bag is supposed to be able to charge to 80% full in 15 minutes and supposedly can handle a 260lb human. There are also USB charging ports for your devices, which of course will drain the battery reducing your range so be aware of that. It’s certainly an interesting idea though you are giving up 15% of your storage space, paying ten times more than a basic carry on and looking like a total doof while riding it. So I suppose if you can pack lighter, have plenty of expendable income and don’t care what I think about you…this bag is a must buy. But if you’re like me, you’ll be looking for these 93 backers in the airport so you can have a good laugh. 😉

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Last Updated on March 23, 2018.


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