Unbox Therapy handles an iPhone 7 Plus “prototype”

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Unbox Therapy has become one of the biggest YouTube channels on the internet with over 5 million subscribers and seemingly multiple video uploads a day. Lewis has done an amazing job roping in his audience with simple and entertaining unboxings of popular gadgets and devices. Now he’s handling an iPhone 7 Plus “prototype” sent to him by BeSound, a company that is developing Lightning Connector headphones. BeSound is a Chinese company and has been making waves these past few months with leaks and marketing fodder such as this. Take a look at Lewis’s video below then swing back around for some discussion.

As you can see from the video, the dual cameras are very much present on the larger iPhone 7 Plus and the Smart Connector is also there. The Smart Connector has been hotly debated and many still believe it will not be a part of the new iPhone 7 Plus. The other major change here is that blue color. There have been rumors of a Midnight Blue or possibly a black color but until now we hadn’t actually seen either color on a dummy or “prototype” device.

The button placements all look the same except the rumored deletion of the mute toggle switch seems to be untrue. The mute toggle switch will live on if this “prototype” is to be trusted. Of course Lewis concludes with a look at the missing headphone jack which we all already knew was coming. What looks like two speaker grilles is hopefully going to house stereo speakers and not just an aesthetic look.

This should hopefully round out most of the leaks we’ll see surrounding the iPhone 7 Plus. I think we basically got what it’s going to look like as well as its smaller brother. What do you think of Unbox Therapy’s prototype overview? Is this the final deal? Or will Apple surprise with something different? Let us know your comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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