Stranger Things Experience available now in browser, Google Cardboard


Netflix has done some great things with their original programming lately, but Stranger Things has really taken the world by storm. The eight episode first season was a love letter to the 80’s and the series has already garnered some serious fans. We’ve been following Stranger Things from nearly the beginning, and many of us here at Techaeris are fans of the show.

The story of Stranger Things is very well written, and the acting — particularly the jobs done by the young actors in the series — was quite good. Some people would get freaked out and couldn’t even watch the episodes by themselves at night. Building on the popularity of the series, Netflix created the Stranger Things Experience, a standalone feature inspired by, and designed specifically for the show. Since most of us weren’t at the appropriate event to be able to try it out for ourselves, Netflix has launched the at home version.

You can check out the video below in a web browser, but the best experience will probably be had with your Google Cardboard. Boot it up and toss your phone in the Cardboard viewer and have at it. We’ll talk a bit more about it after the video below:

The experience was inspired by the “run” scene from the show. So, now the fun part will be showing this to your unsuspecting friends… just hand them your Google Cardboard and watch the fun that’s to come! Jump scares are always fun, right? Especially seeing them happen to other people.

Speaking of watching them happen to other people, Netflix brought in some of the cast members to give them their own walk through the official VR experience. Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer, along with Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb Mclaughlin (Lucas), and Millie Brown (Eleven) each took a turn, and you can see how they fared in the video below:

Fun for everybody, right?  What do you think about the Stranger Things Experience? Did it make you jump? Tell us what you thought in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.



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