Is Google disconnecting from the Nexus name?

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Nexus has been what Google has called their flagship phones since 2010’s Nexus One. The term nexus means a connection linking two or more things, fitting for a phone I’d say. Not only is the name fitting in a communications sense but it sounds cool as well, very sci-fi/futuristic. But if rumors are to be believed, Google will be disconnecting from the Nexus name for their upcoming Marlin and Sailfish devices.

This rumor is coming out of India where it’s being said that Google will release two phones in that country branded simply with Google branding. From the description of these so called “Google phones” they sound very much like the anticipated “Nexus Marlin and Sailfish.” The Indian rumor doesn’t explicitly state that the Google phones are indeed the Nexus phones we’re expecting but they do say they are premium devices. These Google devices are expected to compete with iPhone in India and should be released sometime in September.

We can only speculate on this rumor as there has been no other evidence pointing to Google dropping the Nexus name. Though if you think about it, dropping the name and simply using Google may actually be a benefit to the company. Everyone is familiar with the Google name but not all are familiar with Google’s device name. Changing the name to the Google Phone could boost sales of Google’s Android devices which wouldn’t be a bad thing for users since those devices always get the latest updates and patches.

However, the move could hurt existing Android OEM’s like Samsung, LG and Motorola who rely on the Android name to sell their devices. Perhaps this is why Samsung has been hard at work on their Tizen OS, to better compete with Google as they shift to take on Apple head on with a stronger Android device lineup and the Google name behind it.  Even Huawei is working on their own OS should Google’s Android fall through for them.

While this rumor seems wild and out of place, there actually might be some validity to it. If not this year, certainly in the future we can envision Google taking this step. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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