Warner Bros. inadvertently files takedown against their own website

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Warner Bros. doesn’t take kindly to pirates and they’re going to protect their copyrighted content to the death. Even if it means their own death. Warner Bros. has hired content management company Vobile to file DMCA takedown notices against websites hosting Warner Bros. properties. So far Vobile has filed notices with Google against IMDB, Amazon, Sky, and even Warner Bros. themselves. Vobile has asked Google to remove links to official movie websites like Batman: The Dark Knight and The Matrix. Vobile works on behalf of many film studios and files many DMCA takedown notices with Google on a daily basis. Torrent Freak was the first to spot the humorous error and says these types of requests happen often, where Vobile will confuse legitimate content from pirated content.

Warner is inadvertently trying to make it harder for the public to find links to legitimate content, which runs counter to its intentions. Unfortunately these kind of errors are very common. Piracy monitoring firms often use automated systems to find and report copyright infringing websites. I’m fairly certain that this happened here as well, considering the obvious mistakes that were made. A good approach would be to white-list non-infringing sources such as warnerbros.com and amazon.com – but apparently that didn’t happen, said Ernesto van der Sar, from Torrent Freak

While Warner Bros. has yet to comment on the obvious blunder, van der Sar is correct in stating this is a regular occurrence. Being something that happens on a regular basis doesn’t make it any less amusing though. But we must also consider the other legitimate websites these incorrect filings are having an impact on. IMDB and Amazon are obviously not pirating content from Warner and should Google actually take down a legitimate source, it probably wouldn’t set well with those sources.

What do you think of Vobile’s blunder in asking Google to take down warnerbros.com? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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