Twitter rolls out new features, lets you say more in 140 characters


Twitter has finally rolled out their new features that will allow you to say more with your 140 characters. The social media platform has decided to re-work their code to eliminate GIFs, photos, videos, polls and quotes from taking up character count. Probably one of the better features is the elimination of the period in front of a mention at the beginning of a Tweet. So you no longer have to start your Tweet .@techaeris which made it so it would show up publicly. Now you just simply have to use the @techaeris and it works, as it should have all along.

These new features should start rolling out to everyone soon, some of them might not be active for everyone. Techcrunch has a handy little cheat sheet made up with all the features and changes which you can find at the link below. This is a pretty good start to being able to say more on Twitter but I sure hope we can get more than 140 characters at some point. Perhaps closer to 200 would be better. I get the idea that people don’t want to read a page of text and want info quickly and in a short spurt, but even with the new features, I think adding some more characters wouldn’t be a bad thing.

What do you think of Twitter’s new features? Do you want even more characters? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Or leave a comment below.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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