iPhone 8 said to have a radical new design being developed in Israel

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The iPhone 7 hasn’t even gone through its first round of reported bugs and glitches and we’re already talking about the iPhone 8. While the iPhone 7 has received its normal amount of press, it has lost a lot of its luster in the eyes of many. The main culprit to the decline of interest is the relatively unchanged design of this generation iPhone. It has remained unchanged for three years running now, and that’s an unusual move for Apple as they generally refresh every two years. But next year is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and speculation is that Apple wanted to wait until the iPhone 8 to refresh to celebrate its 10 years.

The latest speculation is that development and design of the iPhone 8 is being conducted in Israel, and a source familiar with the project tells Business Insider that the iPhone 8 will have a radical new design. Just how radical that design will be is heavily speculated. One rumor is that Apple will do away with bezels at the top, bottom and sides having an edge to edge display on the device. That could be interesting but one wonders if it’s doable given some of the components you need to make a smartphone’s functionality remain familiar.

The employee, whose identity is being concealed by Business Insider, solders components for Apple. This person didn’t give too much away about the new handset other than it will be “different” to the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7, which have been criticised for being too similar to their predecessors.

Speaking to Business Insider outside Apple’s Herzliya office at Maskit Street 12, the Apple employee said staff in Israel are working on what’s coming “next” in Apple’s product line, giving a specific mention to “iPhone 8.”

A second Apple employee that Business Insider spoke to in Herzliya said they “couldn’t talk” about what Apple does in Herzliya, while an employee from networking giant Cisco, which also has an office in the area, said: “I have three friends that work there. They work on the hardware side. Verifications. Something like that.”

While all of the hardware changes sound exciting enough, many still long for Apple to make a change to their UI and UX. We’ve essentially had the same iOS interface with some admitted welcome changes but nothing that changes the aesthetics very much. Deeper customization and control over what is displayed and how it’s displayed would be something I’d personally welcome more than a radical hardware re-design.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. What do you want Apple to change on the next iPhone? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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