Tech giants join forces to tell you not to fear artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence has been dramatized by Hollywood for years and now that the technology is growing, tech companies want to quell the fear over the rise of the machines. There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is a very intriguing technology, I don’t think that even those who oppose it would disagree. New technology like artificial intelligence needs to be thoroughly discussed, evaluated, and presented to the public in a way we can understand it. That’s what tech giants Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, and Facebook are doing with their Partnership on AI.

“The reason we all work on AI is because we passionately believe its ability to transform our world,” Suleyman said today in a conference call with members of the media. “The positive impact of AI will depend not only on the quality of our algorithms, but the on the amount of public discussion … to ensure AI is understood by and benefits as many people as possible.”

Horvitz says recent hyperbole concerning AI’s threats amounted to an “echo chamber of anxiety,” and that is one factor that pushed him and his colleagues to form the nonprofit. Also looming is the possibility of government regulation that may slow down AI developments. “Questions come up about the transparency of our systems and the ability for us to explain ourselves,” Horvitz said, highlighting the possibility of human bias finding its way into algorithms. “The best way forward is with an inclusiveness and open dialogue.” He added that the partnership is not opposed to including government bodies or working with public agencies.

The partnership will be concentrating on educating and informing those who are interested in artificial intelligence about where the tech is going and how it can be used. The fear over AI doesn’t only revolve around a potential “awakening” or “understanding” of being from AI as much of the controversy also revolves around how AI will change the landscape of what jobs humans will be doing. Many fear being replaced by machines, leading to human unemployment and a lower quality of life for those without a higher education.

This is certainly a good conversation to have and one we hope the partnership will foster into a two-way street. What do you think of this partnership? How about AI? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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