SteelSeries Arctis Gaming Headsets announced

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Gaming peripherals come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, with none perhaps as diverse as the gaming headset. You can find all sorts of different features, designs, and performance if you look hard enough, but many tend to skimp on one area to bolster another. SteelSeries wants to buck that trend and has announced a new headset line for gamers that looks to provide a consistent aural experience across the entire line, while offering some extra features to differentiate one headset from the other. The SteelSeries Arctis Gaming Headsets use the company’s best audio drivers across the board and introduce their ClearCast Mic to offer clear and natural speech.


From the beginning, SteelSeries set out to change the way that gaming headsets are viewed. Arctis arrives with the thought that gamers shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the quality of a pair of headphones just to get one specific feature. Arctis provides a set of base features across the entire line up, and then differentiates each model with added improvements. As you can see in the chart below, each pair of headphones has an extensive list of standard features, while the unique features listed below offer choices based on price and other options to suit your preference.


Want wireless? Go with the Arctis 7. Maybe wired is more your preference? Then the Arctis 3 and Arctis 5 might be more your style. Do you love peripherals that light up and glow? Go get the Arctis 5. There are options available at different price points that give you choices, while still providing huge sound and a quality microphone for your listening and gaming enjoyment.

Arctis is compatible with all current gaming platforms too. Each headset comes with a modular cable system allowing it to easily connect to PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, mobile devices, and VR.

The ClearCast Mic is another innovation that SteelSeries is particularly proud of. The retractable bi-directional mic creates a very clear path to your voice while excluding background noise. To prove this, you can watch a video on their Arctis site showing a conversation happening on a busy intersection in Chicago. The “L” is travelling overhead, cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. are moving past as they are talking, and you are still able to hear each voice clearly, while background noise is eliminated. It’s definitely worth checking out the videos on their site to see more in-depth discussion about the features on the Arctis headsets.

Customization options are also available.

The Arctis headsets are available today starting at $79.99USD for the Arctis 3, $99.99 for the Arctis 5, and $149.99 for the Arctis 7. You can read more about this new line of headphones in the full press release below.


SteelSeries Launches Arctis Headset Line – Challenges Gaming Audio Stereotypes

New family of revolutionary headsets deliver flagship-level comfort, microphone and sound as a standard across entire line

CHICAGO – October 4, 2016 – SteelSeries, leader and innovator in gaming peripherals, unveils the Arctis line, a selection of three gaming headsets that shatter preconceived notions of what a gaming headset should sound, feel and look like. The Arctis lineup reimagines the gaming headset through a complete overhaul of traditional gaming designs and headset technologies.

With Arctis, SteelSeries questioned everything about gaming headsets and challenged the features that have become gaming headset stereotypes. The company is taking a stand and making a promise to gamers that Arctis will always:

  • Deliver great audio quality for gaming, music, movies and more
  • Represent design-forward thinking and timeless style, instead of looking like a bulky toy
  • Include a microphone that delivers exceptionally clear and natural-sounding voice communication
  • Deliver the best technology in every model of the line, regardless of price

“Arctis is not a gaming headset. It is a headset line for gamers,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “That is how we approached the new audio line-up – with a fresh perspective as to who our customers really are and what they want. Brands have been distracting gamers for far too long with meaningless specification races and options that encourage spending more in order to get gaming-level quality. Arctis changes that.”

The Best Sound and Microphone in Gaming

Arctis emerged from the belief that gamers should only have to choose between the features that best suit them, and not sacrifice the quality of the product. SteelSeries challenged every past industry decision and set a new standard of excellence by incorporating the company’s flagship speakers and the new ClearCast microphone.

Every headset in the Arctis family features SteelSeries’ award-winning speakers, which are also found in their $300 headsets. Powerful, low-distortion speakers combined with 7.1 surround sound deliver total immersion while gaming.

The ClearCast microphone found in each Arctis headset is another leap forward in gaming technology;

“Even the most popular gaming headsets on the market featured gaming microphones that have been mediocre at best,” states Rabbani “We truly believe that the industry has been approaching headset microphones completely wrong, so we questioned it. Why not look into a different type of microphone that would exceed gamers’ expectations?”

All Arctis models feature a reengineered, retractable bi-directional microphone called ClearCast – a SteelSeries exclusive noise-canceling microphone that delivers incredibly clear voice communication, focusing on the user’s speech while acoustically eliminating virtually all background and surrounding noise.

Comfort Without Compromise

SteelSeries questioned everything when developing the Arctis line. The result is a new ski goggle suspension headband and ear cushions with exclusive athletics-inspired AirWeave fabric.

“We took inspiration from athletic brands and incorporated elements that performed exceptionally under stressful circumstances,” says, Ehtisham Rabbani, CEO of SteelSeries. “Our exclusive AirWeave material combines the breathability and moisture-wicking ability of athletic fabrics with the sound isolating qualities of leather – it’s the best of both worlds.”

Every Arctis headset comes with the new ski goggle suspension design, featuring an adjustable and removable headband that comfortably stretches to fit heads of all shapes and sizes. The patented headband design evenly distributes weight across the top of the head to prevent pressure points, even after prolonged use.

Celebrating a New Generation of Gamers

The desire to acknowledge that gamers are dynamic individuals with different personalities and interests was a driving force behind the product development. The Arctis lineup celebrates the passions that drive each gamer by providing them with an elegant canvas to customize and personalize.

“Gaming alone does not define gamers,” adds Rabbani. “The Arctis does not impose preconceived notions of what gamers like, but offers a blank canvas that allows them to express themselves and dictate what gaming should look like for them.”

SteelSeries’ award-winning suspension design also becomes customizable on the Arctis headsets, exchanging the traditional Siberia suspension with a new ski-google suspension headband. SteelSeries will offer a variety of different colors, patterns and an artist-series of headband styles that can be purchased exclusively on

Unique Selection

Arctis features three unique headsets with the same outstanding comfort and performance, allowing gamers to choose their model based on additional features. Arctis 3 outperforms all other headsets in its class. The analog wired headset is equipped with 7.1 surround sound and is fully compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, VR and mobile devices.

The Arctis 5 is an illuminated wired headset with customizable Prism RGB illumination and a USB connector cable with a ChatMix Control dial for quick access to in-game chat volume. Featuring DTS Headphone:X 7.1 digital surround, the Arctis 5 is also multiplatform allowing gamers to switch effortlessly from the USB connection on their PC to a 3.5mm connection for laptops, tablets, mobile gaming listening to music and more.

The lag-free wireless Arctis 7 is also equipped with DTS Headphone:X, volume, mute mic and Chat Mix Control on the headset, and showcases a full-wrap ski-goggle suspension design to further highlight the headband. Its steady, low-latency wireless connectivity is engineered for gaming, while a rechargeable 15-hour battery and a 40ft range elevate the headsets prime wireless features.

The Arctis 3, Arctis 5, and Arctis 7 gaming headsets are now available exclusively at Best Buy for $79.99, $99.99 and $149.99 respectively. For more details about the Arctis or SteelSeries’ entire selection of gaming accessories, visit


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